Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anyone for a Show?

The doorway puppet theater is not a unique idea. But with Sarah's vintage fabric stash and a steady supply of caffeine, we have turned the simple puppet theater into a doorway farmer's market, bank, burger shop, and even Jamba Juice. Brilliant!

My girls squealed with delight at opening this gift (mostly because it wasn't so much of a surprise to them as it has been on every surface of my house for months). But, when finally assembled in the doorway, they rather use the theater as a swing than a stage. Go figure.

Simple Doorway Tutorial


heavy solid canvas fabric (aprox 1 1/2 yard)
ribbon, bias tape or fray check
wonder under and fabric for embellishments
fabric for curtains
snaps and snap tool (available at all craft stores)
mini shower curtain rod (Target or Wal-Mart about $5)

Measure width and of doorway (1 yard is a good width to work with). Determine desired length from top to bottom.

Hem edges, or use ribbon or bias tape to finish edges. (If you really hate sewing you could use fray check - but it would probably require a couple of bottles).

Fold over top edge 2 inches and sew a casing for the rod.

Fold entire project in half lengthwise to cut the window. The size of the window depends on your preferences. Finish edges with ribbon, fray check, or bias tape.

Cut two small curtains and turn and hem edges. Either machine gather or hand gather at top and pin to theater. Sew down.

Here's the fun part. Embellish. Do you want flowers, geometric shapes, pockets, or nothing? Have fun.

I cut the signs out of the same canvas and finished with bias tape. My friends appliqued their words, I painted mine. You could velcro, snap or button the sign on. You choose.