Friday, January 23, 2009

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Here's a fun little yummy that everyone will enjoy.

cookie sheet
melting candy / flavored chocolate
- available at all craft stores and even the big bad W store - you know who I mean
parchment paper
double boiler - or sauce pot and bowl
fork or slotted spoon
sprinkles optional

Bring a pot of water to boil and turn off. Place candy in bowl over hot water. (It is hard to do this in the microwave as the candy gets cold and clumpy, but it works).

Once melted, place a handful of non broken pretzles in melted candy and stir around. Using fork lift one covered pretzel out at a time tapping excess on side of bowl.

Place on parchment and let cool. (The messier ones taste better as they have more chocolate.)

Drizzle with more flavored chocolate if desired, or sprinkle with sprinkles while wet.



sarah baldwin said...

yummy... i sure hope thats the yummy little treat headed my way! and can i say... your girls are getting way too big too fast. xoxo s.

About Us said...

so, I intended the treat to come your way. Turns out only the kids get some(unless you snurf their treat bags). Sorry, we got a little snacky.

Love you!