Saturday, January 24, 2009

All with a quart of paint

I've gone a little turquoise crazy lately.

It started with the girls' play table from Sarah and Liberty (look at the cute message and tablecloth).

But there was still paint in the can.

Yesterday my husband comes home and asks what I've painted turquoise today.

There are a few drops left. Any ideas?

On a side note I have a new place to go to mentally when say, in labor. This "nook" makes me so happy!


Happy Heidi said...

I LOVE it! It is so dang cheery and cute. You'll never want to leave! Is there room for my machine?

this is me said...

Come on over, we'll make crowns!

Emily said...

oh crap! that attic make me want to craft, crap CREATE. i think i will right now, thanks for the inspiration.

sarah baldwin said...

heidi... i love it all!! i can't wait to come and craft with you. sorry i didn't call you back. we've had a crazy few days. tomorrow... i mean today, i will call and we can chat. i've had some insight. xoxo sarah.