Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calling all Creators

I don't know why, the the term crafter irks me. Crafter brings images of blue kitchen geese or even glass grape centerpieces. Or, worse yet, lots of stringy hot glue projects with weird pipe cleaners and beads. I prefer to create rather than craft.

So a few Sundays ago when our lesson was finding joy in creating, I was listening. No matter our talents, we create. We create beauty, children, dinner, uplifting cards, friendly conversations, as well as capes, puppet shows, clothing, house goods --- OK, so you get the idea. On a side note, I am sure our lists of creations change with the seasons of life, as well as the balance of our bank accounts.

We here at hodgepodge want to know what's on your table. What are you creating. What is bringing you joy? What is on your list of projects. Inspire us by sharing. That means you too Emily(and no, I never thought you were bragging). Sarah- what is in the Valentine box? Liberty, how's that bedroom coming? Rozie, what are you playing with your kids today? Heather, I'd love to see the cake show cakes. Everyone else?

Who knows, I may just give away a goodie just for sharing. Hmmm.

Let's inspire each other to do as our Creator, and find joy in creating.

Happy Crafting!


heather said...

Well the JSMB show went very well. There were a ton of people there. We ran out of everything, cake, napkins and at 2:30 I sent my mom back to my house for more business cards. I hope that the outcome is good. Everyone seemed to like the cakes. I was very pleased at how they all turned out. The black and white one stole the show. I will email the pictures, I am new to the blogging world so if there is a way to attach pictures in the comments let me know. Love ya! Miss you all!

sarah baldwin said...

heidi... i can't remember how to log in. i will share share share! i love your inspiring words.