Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ode to heidi

we thought of you
and we missed you
every minute of this day
some may wonder where the other half of this cake is...
well, we only got a half because
the two of us eating a whole cake is just... not right!
we love you and hope you had a special day!!


About Us said...

An ode? I feel so blessed. I missed you too. It was harder than Christmas. I love you both and hope see you soon. Jet Blue = $250!

Love, Heidi

sarah baldwin said...

we sent you a little something... he he. it should be there by thursday. sorry, snail mail is unfortunately cheap. we'd rather spend money on things INSIDE the package than on mailing it. you know. looks like libs might be on for april also. could life really be that good? we deserve it. xoxo s.