Friday, January 30, 2009

The QUEEN is in

Let me share a little of Sarah (tough my friend, I have the password). She can make anything, and often does. Not only is she talented, but she actually is a finisher. Admirable!

This is what we found in the mail today (notice how well they match the capes). Liberty, did you have a hand in this too?

When Izzy woke up from her nap she grabbed her crown and said, "call, Gamma. I a princess". Not bad for a kid with a vocabulary of about 24 words.

We love them Sarah. And we love you too.


Happy Heidi said...

Thos crowns are just so cute. I totally want to learn to make them!

Emily said...

speaking of giving credit where credit is due...oh we weren't? anywho, i taught sarah all about those crowns, so you really have me to thank. i have "baby in the family" syndrome...i like all of the credit.

ps. love your blog.

this is me said...

Yeah Emily. Your crowns are darling too. When is my package coming?