Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Store and Style

Those of you searching for a handmade project this Valentine's Day are going to love this. Go to http://www.storeandstyle.com/ to see the new February issue. They have all kinds of practical tips for making life easier and funner. (I know it isn't a word, but shouldn't it be?)

While your looking, check out the Valentine necklace. Could it be? You got it, I'm published. Hoop Yah!

You have gotta try this cake. So rich. So decadent. So not Weight Watchers. I blew all my points on this one.

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for their weekly giveaway. Their freebies are the greatest.



Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

So cool. I feel to proud to know you...ok...be related to someone that knows you :D

I promise to share something as soon as I can get my act together to DO something ;D