Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Scout Skirt-a fantastic knockoff

I am admittedly slow when in comes to trends and being the cool kid. I am WAY behind the times. For instance, although I really love Mary Englebriet's stuff, I had no idea she had a magazine until last summer. [sadly the magazine is now out of print.]

After reading the summer issue, I had to make and do EVERYTHING in it... including becoming Heather Bailey. Honestly, I was instantly in love with her. Due to this love affair, I follow her blog religiously, and recently found this.

Although my bugdet would not allow her fabrics (she even designs them ), I found a few scraps for Sunday attire and gave it a shot. It may not be Heather Bailey, but Scout sure doesn't care.
[This post's for you Mammasita. You asked, I delivered.]


sarah baldwin said...

tdf... seriously, you are out dooing yourself. must be that fancy little sewing room and turquoise table. hmm. yes, i'm jealous. and who is that big girl? can't be scout... beautiful!!

JUSTIN P said...

Love it. You have a way with matching fabrics.

JUSTIN P said...

Justin P= Annie S

JT said...

You guys are all so talented, LOVE the blog.. Miss all of you
Jill Tuttle