Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Moving

Hello There Friends,

Have you wondered if I broke my arm? No posts since March?!? Well, here is the scoop, living has taken up all of our time. Yes, there has been creating- just no time to document it.

The little etsy store is plugging along. I've made an executive decision to change the name of the store and focus the inventory. It seems that the buying world is more interested in clothing for the little tykes than the imagination toys that I love so much. So the toys are gone (and for now so is everything else).

The simple living store is green doodle clothing co. (Thank you husband for the name). There will be a new blog - I hope you will join me. There you will find the same this and that's of a handmade world, but now under one name.

So, if your are up for a little travelling.... come on over. The place is a mess, but you are always welcome.

Hope to see you soon,