Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evicted and Squatting

I am wasting time and really loving it. I've got all these projects moving through the sewing room (I like to call it my studio - but get teased unmercifully), but I've not photographed anything of importance.
I'd like to blame this lack of blogging love on the fact that I know I have a new blogging home being built for me. And as well all know, nothing beats the thrill of new. So as I wait..... I create silly things that I am sure will be one of a kind - as no one wants me to make them again.
[this "treasure" is a birthday gift for miss Sophie. She is a lover of the covered button clips, and I am a lover of a 5 minute project involving felt.]


Chelsea said...

Hey there!! I'm so excited to share an award with you!! Go to my website to receive it! Thanks for all of your creativity!!